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Glucose is the main source of energy for the body’s cells. Insulin helps cells absorb glucose and convert it to energy. If you’re insulin resistant, your body’s cells don’t respond well to insulin. Insulin resistance is a stepping stone to type 2 diabetes. Lack of exercise and excess weight contribute to insulin resistance, while moderate exercise and keeping a healthy weight can help prevent it. Insulin resistance can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease.


The AACE/ACE define obesity as a Chronic disease characterized in increased adipose tissue mass and can result in increase morbidity and mortality.

A number of organization has supported the classification of Obesity as a disease. In June 2013, American Medical Association recognized Obesity as a disease requiring a range of Medical Intervention.


Thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped gland located at the base of your neck just below your Adam’s Apple. It helps control the function of many of your body’s most important organs, including your heart, brain, liver, kidneys and skin. Making sure that your thyroid gland is healthy and functioning properly is important to your body’s overall well-being.

Reproductive Endocrinology

Most women who have Metabolic Reproductive Syndrome (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome-PCOS) have insulin resistance that can delay pregnancy, infertility, and menstrual irregularity.  Dr. Fatma AlMarashi has extensive experience in managing these cases.

Pituitary Disorders

Pituitary gland is a small pea shaped gland located at the base of the brain behind your eyes.  It is the master gland which secretes hormone that control other Endocrine Glands-Thyroid, Adrenal gland, ovary, testes. And secretes hormones that regulate body water and for milk production.

Some disturbances would lead to major health problem.  High Prolactin Hormone or milk hormone if increased in other times of the lifecycle, non-pregnancy will lead to menstrual irregularity and infertility.

Bone and Metabolic Disorders

Bone is in constant state of turnover with regular withdrawals and deposits of calcium overtime. Bone formation (i.e., deposit of calcium; buildup of bone) exceeds resorption (i.e., withdrawals of calcium, breakdown of bone) during periods of growth in children and adolescents.  During early and middle adulthood both processes are relatively equal.  Adults reach peak bone mass around the age of 30 – 35 and adequate calcium, protein, and exercise are important to ensure optimum bone mass in adulthood.


It was not until the twentieth century that cholesterol was identified as a key component of atherosclerosis.  It was not till 1930’s, the genetic link between high cholesterol and myocardial infarction (heart attack) was identified.
Based on gathered evidence, decreasing blood cholesterol levels for those at risk should be a national public health goal.  Criteria for treatment has been changing.  Latest one as per 2013 Guideline ACC/AHA – Guideline on treatment of blood cholesterol, to reduce Atherosclerosis Cardiovascular Risk in Adults. (;
Treatment of cholesterol disorders is medication + Therapeutic lifestyle.  Statin therapy can decrease bad cholesterol by 50% more or less.
Therapeutic lifestyle can decrease bad cholesterol (LDL-C) by about 15-30%.  Patients with diabetes are at high risk.

About Dr. Fatma

Dr. Fatma AlMarashi

Dr. Fatma AlMarashi is currently the CEO/Medical Director & Consultant of Dr. Fatma Almarashi Advanced Center for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism (FACED). She was the chair of Internal Medicine, chair of Research and Ethics Committee at Al Rahba Hospital in Abu Dhabi, in affiliation with John Hopkins International (JHI) before moving to her own center. Dr. AlMarashi served as the Medical Director at University Hospital, part of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Academic Medical Center in Dubai Healthcare City, where she was developing strategy for the Medical and Physicians Affairs Departments.

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